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Suitable for gardens of medium and large size, and in every kind of seasonal work, the tractors McCulloch are useful to cut the grass in spring, summer transporting wood, brushing the paths in the fall or clearing snow in the winter. In short, a use for every season.The machines are refurbished in the new design with black and yellow front grille, equipped with new steering and custom basket, lawn tractors guarantee high performance, without neglecting the safety and comfort of use.The McCulloch tractors are equipped with powerful engine, with displacements ranging from 344cc and 656cc, which make them usable all year.The range consists of six models with rear discharge and six side discharge to meet any cutting requirement.The M115-77TC models, M125-97TC, M155-107TC, M185-107TC, M200-107TC M220-107TC and are equipped with rear discharge and collection box and allow you to work on any type of surface: from 1,500 square meters, using the basic model M115-77TC (of 77 cm cutting width and collection box 200 liter), 9,000 square meters thanks to the top of a 107 cm cutting M220-107TC range (width and collection box 320 liters).The M220-170TC model is further distinguished by the new Charger TRO058 and to the battery charge status indicator, supplied with the tool. Extremely versatile, the new TRO058 Charger is compatible with all tractors, Crossmowers and Frontmowers (available as accessory). Extremely light (400 grams), easy to use (fully automatic) and compact (one of the smallest in the world), the new TRO058 charger is also waterproof (can be used in any climatic condition) and is able to preserve the lengthening battery duration.The M115-77T models, M125-97T, M145-107T, M165-107T, M185-117T M200-117T and are equipped with side discharge and are able to do work on any surface: from 1,500 square meters, using the basic model M115-77T (of 77 cm cutting width) to over 8,000 square meters, thanks to the top of the 117 cm cutting M200-117T range (width).Excluding the two basic models (M115-77TC and M115-77T) which are equipped with single- or have a mechanical transmission 6 + 1, the rest of the range has automatic transmission foot (CVT for side discharge and rear discharge for Hidro ) and are equipped with a double blade for optimum cutting performance.The M185-107TC models, M200-107TC, M220-107TC, M185-117T and M200-117T are finally equipped with bumpers for the tool protection.McCulloch also, collaterally, and in support of the tractor range, offers some useful accessories that are part of its line UNIVERSAL.For all the newbies, McCulloch offers a Starter Kit for OLO027 tractors, a useful kit that is able to facilitate the use of the tractor, providing the minimum necessary in order to start working. The kit includes an ergonomic fuel tank with extension for easy filling, 4T oil 1.4 liters and Earmuffs approved to EN 352-1.Coverage for Tractors TRO047 - TRO048, however, is the McCulloch solution to protect from rain tractors, snow and dust. A cover nylon, water resistant, fitted with a simple device for fixing and ventilation openings. The result will be a tractor always ready.


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