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A well-known proverb says the grass is always greener." If you want a healthy lawn, lush and green "the envy" it is important to fertilize the lawn in the right way, especially in spring. In this special we offer a product roundup of some of the main companies in the sector, the suggestions and information for their use.**A nutrition of turf for uniform growth (Compo)**The range of products that Compo studied for the fertilization of turf called Floranid. "The jewel in the crown - explains **Marco Cehic, product manager Compo Italy** - the best product from a quality point of view is the **Floranid Rasen**".*What are its characteristics and peculiarities, and how it nourishes and enriches the lawn?*The Floranid Rasen is specially designed for fertilization of the lawn. It is dust-free and has a very fine grain size (0,7-2,8mm), so that it can be distributed uniformly and easily on the lawn.*Why it is it recommended its use in early spring?*The Floranid Rasen is a NPK fertilizer with trace elements. Nitrogen is for the 20% nitric acid, 30% ammonia and 50% slow release, in the form of Isodur. This balance between nitrogen forms is ideal for immediate action, prolonged and durable. Floranid Rasen thus enables a smooth feeding of turf for uniform growth.The presence of another macro, meso and micro-elements provides the turf the elements necessary to achieve a lush meadow.**How do I use the product (mode, time and dosage) to have a lawn "always greener"?**The product can be used on golf courses, sports fields, parks and private gardens of high value. You can make from 2 to 5 fertilizations per year at a dose of 30g / m2, by distributing the product uniformly also thanks to a fertilizer spreader and irrigating after having spread the product.**Bacteria to stimulate growth (Copyr)**"For greener lawns and lush Copyr recommended to apply **Fortyl Relax Prato** since the beginning of spring," says **Daniele Grisotto, sales manager H & G Copyr**.*What are its characteristics and peculiarities, and how it nourishes and enriches the lawn?*Fortyl Relax Prato is a micro granular fertilizer enriched with selected bacterial strains, specifically designed for lawn care. In fact, the nitrogen and phosphorous are an important energy reserve for all plants lawn

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