Risks to the health of the arborist

Safe on trees (9 video)

The "Safe on Trees" campaign, with the patronage of the Lombardy Region ATS della Brianza, is aimed at arborists with the aim of raising awareness among professionals and training centers, therefore future professionals, on the reference regulations, the correct and safe use and maintenance of the main machines during work from the ground and at height, in tree climbing or PLE, what they are and how to wear protective devices identify, good practices to avoid accidents.

10 video tutorials made in collaboration with the main training institutions for arborists: the Minoprio Foundation and the Agricultural School of the Monza Park. With Echo Italia as a technical partner.
GardenTV media partner.

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In this video, a professor from the Minoprio Foundation explains what the risks to the health and safety of the arborist are, distinguishing occupational diseases and accidents at work.
After having illustrated the most frequent causes of accidents during the cutting, pruning and felling of trees, the various health risks are illustrated: physical risks, such as vibrations, dust, solar radiation, handling of loads, chemical risks due to the use of plant protection products, biological and organizational risk during operations.
The teacher also shows what are the best practices for working safely, starting with a correct assessment of the condition of the tree, the extent of the intervention and the correct construction of the construction site.
Finally, the basic PPE for the work of the arborist and the different contexts and jobs according to which they should be used are listed.

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