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Roagna Vivai s.n.c.

Roagna Vivai is a company that has been successfully on the market for years, offering a vast range of plants and flowers for all tastes and needs.
In addition to production and marketing, the company also offers a wide range of services for the construction and care of green spaces of various kinds.
The staff of qualified and qualified employees is always available to customers to provide technical advice of various kinds.
Roagna Vivai is located in Cuneo and over the years has accumulated such experience in the horticultural sector that has gradually increased its offer. In particular, the company offers a wide range of green and flowering plants for indoor, succulent and succulent plants, bonsai, outdoor flowers, synthetic flowers, various accessories and furnishing accessories.
Furthermore, its staff, made up of professionals in the sector, provides for the design, construction and maintenance of green spaces of all kinds, both public and private.

Since 1975

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Roagna Vivai s.n.c.
Via Basse Stura 1, Cuneo

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