Robot lawn mowers for any type of garden


Seven models to meet the needs of the most diverse users (and gardens): Gardena presents the robotic lawnmowers Sileno city 250, Sileno city 500, Sileno life 750, Sileno life 1000, Sileno life 1250, Sileno + 1600 and Sileno + 2000 suitable for both to smaller lawns of 250 m2 and to larger ones of 2000 m2, from the simplest to the most complex.
Gardena robots use modern, advanced and sophisticated technology and their lithium-ion (18V) battery operation guarantees zero emissions and minimal energy consumption.
They are ideal for expert and demanding consumers, guarantee excellent cutting results and ease of use. Perfect for "do it yourself" customers, Gardena robotic lawnmowers are really simple to install: it starts from the positioning of the perimeter wire (supplied) along the edges of the lawn that the robots must take care of, which allows them to recognize easily the area to be cut.
Next you need to place the guide cable (supplied), which allows the robots to go to the base to recharge the batteries when they "feel" a little discharged, as well as allows the setting of up to 3 remote starts (useful when the gardens have very irregular shapes with narrow passages).
Once the cables have been positioned, the robots are ready for programming which, thanks to the easy and intuitive user interface (control panel with large display) with which they are equipped, is very simple: at first commissioning, a start-up procedure Wizard asks for the size of the garden and the cutting preferences and automatically calculates a programming proposal. In any case, for users who do not have the time or desire to install their lawnmower robot, Gardena provides a widespread network of installers (for more information, see website).
Over time, you can easily download software updates to keep the robot always on the cutting edge.
To make the user's life even easier, the smart models Sileno city 500, Sileno life 750, Sileno life 1000 and Sileno life 1250 are compatible with the innovative Smart System Gardena that allows programming and total control anywhere and in any moment, thanks to a very simple app.
Gardena robotic lawnmowers perform a daily mulching cut which guarantees a perfect lawn, without the need to collect and dispose of the mowing. They are also equipped with extremely sharp blades and their cutting technology, which is based on the principle of random cutting, allows an irregular movement pattern that guarantees a uniform cut without streaks. The result is excellent: a thick, shiny and healthy turf. No furrows on the turf.
Extremely reliable, they work regardless of weather conditions and are able to manage rough surfaces and slopes of up to 35%. They also allow the cutting height adjustment from 20 to 60 mm depending on the models and the flexible positioning of the charging station without limitations of the surrounding space.
Extremely silent thanks to the Silent Drive motor technology (Max 58 db (A)), Gardena robots do not disturb their own peace, nor that of the neighbors. Compact design, extremely light (7.3 kg, with the exception of the SILENO + models weighing 9.6 kg) and equipped with the CorridorCut system which allows you to automatically recognize bottlenecks up to 60 cm and go beyond them by cutting them easily.


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