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A robot team for large lawn extensions

A robot team for large lawn extensions


World premiere for the iMow MI 632 M Mower Mower, Viking's novelties can work in team to tackle extensive lawn surfaces: soccer or golf courses, parks, grassy outdoor pool areas, starting at 4,000 sq. M. One team led by a user friendly app.
"Smart software - Viking explains - connects the lawnmower robot to the iMow TeaM network so that you can shave large surfaces with multiple machines at the same time for the first time. Such a team is formed from a minimum of 2 to a maximum
Of 10 iMow. Lawnmower robots work independently and take care of ordinary maintenance, enabling staff to engage in other activities. "
The iMow team also opens up new perspectives for example for heavily wearable surfaces, such as kickboxes, which require very short time to care for turf.
 "It's the internet that makes everything possible: Grid Lawnmower Sensors send data wirelessly to the Internet, where VIKING software coordinates and monitors up to 10 lawnmower robots."
The user has total control and access to the devices via the free Viking app installed on a mobile phone or tablet. The simple self-explanatory menu guide can be used without any difficulty from anyone. The first installation is guided by a program assistant without the need for particular technical skills. By programming cutting operations on a iMow robot, the data is transmitted by the server to the entire team.
The iMow TeaM moves within an area bordered by a special metal wire laid at the edges, with a random, but never transverse path. This turf dance is governed by a casual algorithm designed to ensure an aesthetically beautiful and uniform appearance. If in special areas special treatment is required, the app allows you to set up to four intensive areas (with three levels of selectable intensity). In these areas, robots cut off more forcefully with intelligent technology.
The validity of a team depends on the validity of its members. Each iMow MI 632 M model guarantees the best performance. For example, it automatically changes direction when encountering an obstacle such as a tree. Sloping (up to 45%) and steep terrain speed is automatically reduced. When the sensors on the unit detect rain, low battery, or end of the cycle, the MI 632 M returns to the docking station where it stays in a protected location and recharges. Teamwork also means that every mower robot can fall into any of the free docking stations, which can be placed in a spot repaired even outside the grassy surface. This is particularly useful for public access areas such as parks or soccer fields. In the docking station, the iMow robot recharges batteries with improved Stihl technology.
For the lawn care, the proven Viking mulching technology comes in handy. The solid rotary blade cuts the grass sharply and precisely. Sharp on both sides, thanks to the smooth change of the direction of rotation, wear uniformly, ensuring a very long lasting durability. The cut grass with a few millimeters long remains on the lawn and becomes a precious natural fertilizer.
Safety is a priority for lawnmower robots, especially in relation to sharp blades. High sensitivity sensors reliably detect every lift of the iMow robot and immediately stop the blade. During transport, facilitated by the ergonomic handle, the blade automatically returns to the safe position away from the body.


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