Tree Architecture: New Conference in September


After the last two years of conferences hosted by Christophe Drénou (in 2015) and Jeanne Millet (2016), Bergamo will again host an important training course on Tree Architecture.
On September 15, the conference will be held "Arboriculture: that's cool! Root-Tree: Shapes and Functions ", proposed by Formation 3T with Sustainable Green Project.
So the organizers explain: "Trees structure the landscape; Planting and managing them commit resources. Arboricists, nurseries and gardeners are men who know how trees are complex organisms, living exploring and colonizing the soil-atmosphere space to exploit resources such as water, light, carbon dioxide, and mineral salts. In order to work and manage the trees, we need to be able to interpret data, geometries and their evolutionary stories, ranging from biology, architecture, biomechanics to security. "
The Magna Lecture of the University of Bergamo will thus give the floor to four French researchers: Claire Atger and Yves Caraglio from the Amap Montpellier Research Center, Jean Garbaye, former researcher at Inra Nancy-Lorrain and Frederic Danjon, Bordeaux.
Speakers will alternate in a day to tell archers, nurseries, gardeners, planners, planners, operators, and enthusiasts the results of the latest research and observations on architectural analysis and biological-biomechanical functions of roots and tree branches.
This year, too, the event is part of Educational de Maestri del Paesaggio's initiatives. Simultaneous translation from French to Italian is foreseen. Entries are open; For information (also on training credits can be consulted at

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