Rugiano Martinuzzo vivai piante



Rugiano Martinuzzo vivai piante

Our company operates in the nursery sector from the 90s, but it comes from experience gained in the family from the 50s, with the production and cultivation and sale of plants in the ground garden.

Over the years, taking advantage of landscape and outdoor agronomists, we specialize in making all kinds of gardens, parks, terraces and gardens, both public and private, and lawns by seeding or precoltivato carpet laying.

We take care of environmental restoration and historic plants, even offering a maintenance service, with qualified staff and appropriate means, both for private parks for urban and residential green areas, mowing the lawns, air pruning, plant protection and partial selective herbicides treatments and Total.

You can find us

Friuli Venezia Giulia
Company headquarter
Rugiano Martinuzzo vivai piante
Via G. Matteotti 8, Caneva (PN)

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