RuralAcademy: learning with organic farming


Learning by doing ecological farming: RuralAcademy Experience is born, the project of a team of agronomists dedicated to tourism and training.
The creators explain: "Today we are facing a climatic, social and economic challenge that threatens our ecosystems and the survival of our planet. How can we act in the face of these problems? We know that the first holders of practical and theoretical knowledge about agricultural and wild ecosystems are ecological farmers ”.
The intuition is therefore to bring people to make real experiences and activities in nature and in contact with farmers thanks to the creation of a network of ecological farms, for tourism, education or training, thus helping to create that conscious chain between consumer and producer , but above all between human beings and nature.
"In Italy, as in Europe - the RuralAcademy promoters continue - there is a great demand for experiences in ecological agriculture by sustainable tourism, which is our main target, as well as schools and social agriculture. The problem to be solved: the farmer does not always have the time and resources to manage groups of people and a stable and efficient relationship with a network of other farmers.
And so we created a team of people with practical skills, technical skills, and professional specialties that creates a bridge, communicating and empathizing with visitors, to bring them to live practical ecological agriculture experiences ".
To prune the vine with one's own hands, to make a synergistic vegetable garden, to share the moment of harvesting, allows you to get in touch with the craft that par excellence nourishes us and allows life.
The RuralAcademy team is proposing a crowdfunding for the realization of the project. All the details and information to join can be found at this address:

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