Power and speed with the new professional chain


Sabart presents Oregon's new series of PowerCut 70 EXL professional chains: designed for experienced lumberjackers and specialized forest workers who require precision, power and speed, it is an indispensable tool for completing a long day's work in the forest with superior performance.
The chain, with a 3/8 "pitch and 1.5 mm thick, is characterized by chisel-like cutting edges that cross the wood with extreme ease, efficiency and precision.
Designed to meet the needs of experienced foresters and forest workers specialized in search of precision and power, the PowerCut 70 Series EXL chain guarantees extreme speed thanks to the new tooth design that presents a new shape and a new sharpening.
"It is the ideal tool to complete a long day of work in the forest because it requires less operator effort: the chain penetrates wood very easily", they explain from Sabart.
The new chain is also easy to sharpen thanks to the patented Oregon side and top tilt angle indicators. In addition, the golden traction mesh makes sharpening simpler, facilitating the identification of start and end.
The 70 Series EXC PowerCut is equipped with the Oregon patented LubriTec system, which keeps the chain and bar more lubricated, reducing friction and ensuring longer life. The oil tank on traction mesh is designed to retain the oil on the bar, the lubrication channels favor the passage of oil from the chain to the bar and the tank on the junction mesh greatly decreases the friction while increasing the chain efficiency.
And that's not all: LubriTec strengthens the chain link links and reduces their tendency to flex during use, making the chain saw more stable and durable.


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