The news of the new Sabart website


GardenTV interviewed Ruggero Cavatorta, Sabart's marketing manager on the new features introduced with the launch of the company's new website.
What are the main new features of the new site compared to the previous version and who are they dedicated to?
The new website, completely redesigned in layout, graphics and contents, has been designed to improve the user experience, making navigation more usable, with the aim of finding information and products in a way simple and fast.
The main novelty and fulcrum of the entire website is our electronic catalog, which has over 56,000 references all in stock: articles produced by leading companies able to combine cutting-edge functionality with proven reliability in the field.
Our online store is aimed at both end users, who can consult the electronic catalog and locate the nearest authorized dealer through the dealer locator to proceed with the purchase, both to companies (workshops, manufacturers, dealers). In this case, if they are already Sabart customers, they can proceed directly to the online purchase of the items by logging in with their credentials. Otherwise, they can apply to become a customer through an entry form on the site. Just a few clicks to make the desired order.
What needs have supported the creation of the new Sabart portal? What needs do you respond to?
The launch of the corporate website is only the last step in the process of strengthening our web presence and streamlining the contents of our Forestalgarden, AgriRicambi, Oregon®, Fiskars and Motori Sabart catalogs, which we started a few years ago with the creation of the B2B portal and continued with the creation of the electronic catalog in 2017.
Thanks to the new site, you can easily and promptly find all the products in the electronic catalog and place an order in a few clicks.
One of the most important sections is dedicated to the electronic catalog: for whom is it designed?
The electronic catalog is the main section of the site: it consists of more than 56,000 spare parts and accessories, each single reference is endowed with name, code, photography, commercial description and technical data.
To facilitate the retrieval of content by the user, 4 macro areas have been designed, corresponding to the sectors in which the company is a point of reference for the Italian market: forest; garden; agriculture; workshop and accident prevention.
The electronic catalog can be easily consulted both by end users (to choose the products to buy from the nearest dealer) and by companies (already customers or prospect of Sabart) and then directly place the order through the website.
Authorized resellers can make online purchases: what is the purpose of this feature?
Directly from the web site, Sabart customers can make purchases online: through a quick compilation, orders are placed, allowing real-time verification of the traceability, availability and billing of the chosen items.
This feature allows you to simplify and speed up the buying process.

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