Sabart: new clothing for gardeners


Leather boots chainsaw and cut resistant sleeves: these are the last two novelties presented by Sabart, the Italian company that distributes the brands American Oregon.The products, designed for those who handle chainsaw and harvester, adding to the line of cut resistant clothing, allocated to the area of gardening, forestry, agriculture and accident prevention. Canons range, ergonomics, comfort and high protection.Boots Class 2 (24 m / s) are waterproof and light: the upper is made of nubuck leather durable and high quality. To ensure safety, the steel plate is placed in the sole antipenetrazione and the metal shoe protects the foot from impact up to 200 joules. The antistatic avoids electrical discharges from 1,105 to 1,109 OHM OHM. Comfort is dall'imbottitura ergonomic ankle, breathable coatings for rapid drainage and a base that can withstand direct heat up to 300 °.The second novelty for autumn Sabart sleeves are cut-resistant, 100% polyester, with elastic cuffs and thumb holes. The upper part is adjustable using the Velcro strip, while the design ensures high visibility.


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Emilia Romagna
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Via Filippo Zoboli 18, Reggio Emilia (RE)

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