Oil mixture, Sabart presents K70 Super Synthetic


A synthetic composition with the addition of numerous additives that guarantees the minimum emission of smoke but ensuring excellent performance and resistance: Sabart presents a new oil mixture, the K70 Synthetic for two-stroke engines, suitable for chain saws, brush cutters, hedge trimmers (but also scooters and go-karts).The K70 is intended for perforating engines with a high number of revolutions, also catalyzed euros2 and with separate lubrication.The formulation, in addition to reducing emissions of smoke, makes it a product that can withstand wear, high temperature, oxidation, seizure, and the formation of ash and residues of coal.The oil guarantees excellent engine performance, more power and a quick start. The miscibility also allows a practical application and economical, since it is suitable for all types of gasoline.It is available in sizes of 100ml, 1 liter, 1 liter and 5 liters with dispenser.


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