Sabre Italia srl



Sabre Italia srl

1970 is the year of foundation of SABRE ITALY resulting in the simultaneous printing of the first catalog in which ample space for the chain saws Sabre: the first imported article that will be the core business for many years. Since then, a continuous steady and gradual expansion in the forestry and professional horticulture sector which over the years leads us to acquire the distribution of products manufactured by leading global companies such ELIET, ETESIA, HUSTLER, MARUYAMA, Masport, SNOW-EX. Machinery, accessories and spare parts Professional all strictly directed to the care and maintenance of the forest, garden and green areas. So critical to this growth were two things: the company's desire to establish and maintain with all customers a healthy and reassuring human relationship that has helped us to understand the needs of buyers and customers to exhibit even in what we sometimes it can not function and the ability to propose and advise customers innovative products that simplify and facilitate even the most strenuous and demanding activities.
Since 1970

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Sabre Italia srl
Via Spinà 9, Isola Vicentina (VI)

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