Working safely: at Eima seminars on chainsaws


The use of chainsaws in safety is the theme of the training course that the Minoprio Foundation organizes, in collaboration with Comagarden (FederUnacoma), as part of EIMA Green, the International exhibition of machines and tools for gardening and park maintenance that takes place November 9 to 13 at Bologna. Working in partnership with the ISFOL Company (Forestry Instructors Lombardi), the Minoprio Foundation has acquired specific experience in the training of technicians and maintenance of the green and forest areas, being also able to realize the full training for obtaining credits habilitation and professional development (under the Agreement CSR n. 53 of 22/02/2012). As for the use of chainsaws, the courses have different length and specificity, the correct tool use (valid for the purposes of the provisions of Decree no. 81/2008 on the obligation of the employer of information, training and worker training) until the formation of the forestry operator's figure for the felling of trees in the forest. As part of EIMA Green - the fair that takes place in the broader context of EIMA International, one of the largest festivals in the world devoted to the Minoprio Foundation - agricultural engineering offers some interventions of ISFOL on '' Use in Safety of the saw. " Forest instructors will be available to those who have to operate the chain saw (for work or hobby) to provide information on its technical characteristics, the proper maintenance, safety standards and use of personal protective equipment dPI (ear defenders and cut resistant clothing), and the correct use of the chainsaw itself to prevent accidents and to optimize the work. 
Interventions will be structured as a real "lessons", with the support of explanatory slides and a practical demonstration of the equipment; and sharpening the chain. They will have a duration of three hours for a maximum of 20 participants who will book at the special section accessible from site ( "Program" area). The courses provided at EIMA - set in the days of Thursday, November 10 (the morning 10-13 hours, 14-17 hours and the afternoon at the Vivace Room), and Friday 11 (morning only, 10-13 at the Hall Trio) - represent an effective introduction to the use of chainsaws in security, a path that operators will be able to complete with subsequent meetings at the headquarters of Minoprio same, even with the practical tests required for the issue of the license. Minoprio Foundation, moreover, is EFESC partners (European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council), a European association that promotes the achievement of the European Driving Licence for Chainsaw (European Chainsaw Certificate). Already active in many countries like Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain and Austria, this certificate allows the training recognition and movement of workers, raising the quality of work performance in the forest sector, and improving the safety conditions at work. The Minoprio Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates in the field of horticulture, gardening, horticulture and fruit growing, nationally and internationally, performing various training, extension and research. The Board of Directors includes representatives of the Lombardy Region, the Fondazione Cariplo and elected by the General Meeting (Provinces and Chambers of Commerce of Milan, Como, Varese, Lecco, universities, professional associations and trade unions). It based in the eighteenth century Villa Raimondi, taking advantage of the park and the estate with Vertemate Minoprio owned by the Lombardy Region, granted loan.

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