Training can save your life: the new safety campaign for garden operators

Security campaign for gardeners (2 video)

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A trunk that sways during some forestry work, a rotten and unstable tree that uproots by falling to the ground, the ramp not fixed and the PLE that overturns during the descent from the truck. The accidents all occurred recently in the Monza and Lecco area; unfortunately all the cases had the most tragic outcome, with the death of the workers involved: an intern, a tree climber and a gardener.
Their stories are at the center of the information campaign promoted by ATS della Brianza, in collaboration with the Agricultural School of the Park of Monza and, as media partner. The campaign is entitled "Let's learn from mistakes" and the aim is precisely to increase awareness of the dangers and risks involved in greenhouse operators, providing information on correct behavior and prevention measures, in the awareness that correct activity of information, education and training can save lives.
Therefore, ATS and the Agricultural School have sent to all the companies in the province, which work in the field of green maintenance, information material that includes the analysis of the dynamics that led to fatal accidents, but also indications on all the measures of prevention and protection to be put in place to prevent similar events from happening again. The cases described are very common activities and operations in the work of gardener and maintenance technicians.
On the ATS Brianza website there is also a section dedicated to the "Learn from mistakes" campaign (, where you can consult further information on other injuries among the most widespread in the sector, filtering the agriculture sector in the search engine.
"The hope - continue from ATS Brianza - is that information, training and effective training will help reduce the possibility of recurrence, again, in our territories, of injuries with the same dynamics. So that the "knowledge" that comes from these investigations becomes 'lymph' for prevention in the area ".

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