Training and safety for green professionals


A new collaboration aimed at training for the correct, efficient and safe use of garden care machines: Emak and Merlo launch a new proposal for courses dedicated to professionals in the field of gardening.
"We are pleased to announce the new partnership with the training and research center of the Merlo Group for the creation of training courses. In Emak we have always recognized a strategic value in training: it is the main tool for promoting and enhancing the professional development of employees, while at the same time protecting their safety. And with regard to safety at work in the use of gardening and forestry machinery and equipment, we can not disregard adequate training and targeted training "- explains Luca Vandelli, Emak's Customer Service Manager.
"The CFRM training programs offer participants the cognitive tools, methods and techniques to safely and consciously deal with the use of machines and work equipment, often simple to use but potentially dangerous if entrusted to inexperienced hands or not properly prepared ", says Paolo Peretti, director of the Merlo Training and Research Center.
The first training course dedicated to "chain saw" has already begun, with the technical partnership of the Emak Efco and Oleo-Mac brands and with the professional support of expert instructors and cutting-edge teaching facilities for those already using the chainsaw and for those who have no experience in using but want to know the chainsaw and learn how to use it safely.
At the end of the courses, training certificates are issued that comply with the regulations in force.


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