'Safe on the lawn': the campaign for the safety of gardeners


The first campaign for safety at work for gardeners and green maintainers begins, with a focus on the safe and correct use of equipment and personal protective equipment. The campaign stems from the need to offer clear, authoritative and easy-to-find information to operators in the sector, against the risks associated with their professions. Suffice it to say that in 2017 INAIL recorded around 1,200 accidents at work in the field of green maintenance, of which 6 with a fatal outcome.

The "Safe on the lawn" campaign, with the sponsorship of the Lombardy Region ATS Brianza, was able to count on content control and the collaboration of those responsible for prevention and safety in the workplace of ATS Brianza.
«The incorrect use of equipment and the lack of clothing and personal protective equipment are at the origin of many serious accidents in the agricultural sector and in the maintenance of professional and amateur green»
So dr. Roberto Agnesi, Occupational Medical Director and Director of the Workplace Safety Prevention Office of the Health Protection Agency (ATS) of Brianza, who continues: «the use of these short videos allows a simple and immediate communication on the precautions that cannot absolutely miss; we hope will be an opportunity to stimulate the prevention company figures to deepen a fundamental topic to guarantee more and more worker safety ».
The initiative was carried out thanks to the support of Stihl, a company that has always been attentive to the issue of safety at work, as a technical partner. Two other prestigious partners involved were the professional training bodies for the operators of the green Agricultural School of the Monza Park and the Minoprio Foundation. Media partner GardenTV.
The campaign is developed through a series of video tutorials dedicated to the correct and safe use of the machines and the regulations of the respective PPE. Along with the dissemination of the videos, printed brochures are printed, which will be distributed during sector events and through training schools.
Through videos and brochures, the "Safe on the lawn" campaign aims to disseminate and explain the relevant regulations; the correct and safe use of the main gardening machines; what they are and how to wear personal protective equipment; how to interpret the pictograms on the tools.


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