Safety and sustainability: AIPV in Flormart


AIPV, the Italian Association of Green Professionals, will be present at Flormart Padua with two conferences dedicated to safety at work and sustainability in the field of greenery and gardening.
The first appointment is for Wednesday 21 September in the afternoon with the conference entitled "Sustainable green, innovation and management". Starting from 2.30 pm Luca Orlando, Envira srl project manager will speak on the theme "Alternative blooms to increase biodiversity in urban and agricultural fields". Following Marco Galli, marketing and sales manager Agrin Scarl will talk about "Management of harmful entomofauna in urban areas and ornamental greenery". Finally, Alberto Bettinelli, owner of Crema Green on the theme “Turf: creation, care and ecological management”.

On Friday 23 September, however, from 10 to 12.30, AIPV will deepen “Safety in green construction sites”.
Stefano Ziscardi, SPISAL technician will speak with a brief summary of the regulatory context, control bodies and main changes introduced by Law 215/21. Safety planning and organization: roles, skills and procedures.
Among the guests there will also be 3T Training which will focus on the field of arboriculture and Gian Giacomo Tognana (Green Company Padua) who will talk about the safe use of plant protection products. Finally Flavio Scagnetti, Safety Area Manager of Confartigianato Imprese Veneto will focus on "Opportunities and criticalities of the application of the legislation on safety at work in green businesses in the Veneto area".


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