Conference on PPE and occupational safety



Occupational safety, PPE and prevention: fundamental issues for those who work in the field of green maintenance that were addressed in a conference organized within the first edition of the International Hardware Fair Italy.

The topic was tackled from different points of view, thanks to the contribution of Claudio Galbiati, president of Assosistema, who underlined the importance of dissemination and awareness, in order to know the correct requirements of the equipment and evaluate the most suitable characteristics.

Many PPE also require specific training in order to be chosen and used with awareness.

Alberto Minarelli, managing director of Seba, instead provided numbers and data to raise awareness of the importance of PPE: every year 1,000-1,200 people in Italy have accidents at work, which in 2% of cases - in the specific sector of green operators - turns out to be deadly. Furthermore, extending the statistics to private individuals as well, the number increases enormously.

Finally, Marco Cipolla, health and safety consultant of Centroimpresa, explained why prevention and protection must be considered the two pillars to raise awareness on the issue of safety at work.


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