Safit srl



Safit srl

The Safit operates as a wholesaler of hardware in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle D'Aosta to serve over a thousand resellers in the industry. The approximately 15,000 inventory items ranging sectors: hardware, tools, steel products, construction equipment, agriculture, gardening and home. Orders are processed daily and the goods forwarded to all destinations without having to wait for the weekly load for city or area. The offices of 500 square meters, "open space", the center IBM data processing on a network of personal computers with the individual stations and the interior design studio support warehouse operations to optimize the unfolding of the service. The Safit is located in Turin in a very favorable position at the start and for Caselle, connected to the bypass and 10 minutes from the city center.

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Company headquarter
Safit srl
Via Ala di Stura 87, Torino (TO)

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