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Saim Service is the result of experience, founded in 1985, its founder Paul Jubilees, which operates in the electricity - electromechanical sector.

Right now the commitment and personal ambition led to a significant professional growth, so much so that in 1996 was born the new headquarters located in the heart of the most important commercial center of Terni. The collaboration with its employees has made possible the expansion of the company, increasing the strength and quality of services offered.

In 2008 it became a limited with the arrival of children who, along with the owner, combine experience and innovation, giving the company dynamic, allowing her to keep up with the times.

Today Saim Service can boast of concreteness and professionalism distinguishing himself in the field, satisfying a broader market demand, dealing with sales, service and rental of professional and hobby electrical equipment, construction of electrical systems, alarm and automation systems for gates, design and construction of swimming pools and irrigation systems, installation of elettropompe.Tutto this is made possible thanks to technicians that the company makes available to clients and the careful work done by employees.

Since 1996

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Saim Service srl
Via Bartocci 3/C, Terni (TR)

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