ARS sawdust for pruning


Ars is a high-level brand in the field of manual harvesting and pruning tools, which has always been characterized by attention to detail, high quality steel and ergonomic design, essential features of the company's production.
High-carbon steel, used by Ars for blades, meets the highest industrial standards in Japan (JIS) and has automated heat treatment to ensure maximum sturdiness, tenacity and toughness, key factors for a good cut.
The blades of most Ars tools have been subjected to hardened chrome plating to ensure greater hardness, better rust resistance and longer durability. The smooth surface also prevents the build up of resin on the blades.
Everything becomes simpler and less laborious with Ars's brandy leggings: lightweight, handy and compact, useful for pruning, gardening, carpentry, hunting. The blades are all chrome-plated to reduce friction and eliminate rust, and are extremely sharpened thanks to the special grinding tooth which ensures precise and clean cuts. The effort of use is reduced to a minimum.
The swingarm models are equipped with a safety device that locks the working position to avoid any risk of accidental closing.
The pointed beans for arboriculture and forestry work are used by applying the telescopic rod. The blade with a tooth Superturbocut cuts effortlessly leafy branches in all directions over the grain. The hooked tip is useful for removing creeping plants and twigs. The cutter helps to prevent barking of the cut branch.

Distributed by: Cormik S.p.A.


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