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Schedule irrigation based on weather forecast

Schedule irrigation based on weather forecast


With the latest news designed by Gardena for the Smart System app, it is possible to program the irrigation of the garden also based on the weather forecast. The weather data comes from DTN / MeteoGroup, one of the world's leading providers of weather services for agriculture, airlines, shipping, insurance, other sectors and the media.
The new function allows you to reduce and optimize consumption.
The Gardena smart system allows you to remotely manage both irrigation and lawn mowing (in combination with the smart robotic lawnmowers), but the latest addition concerns irrigation. The new app function is added to the existing ones: thanks to the Gardena smart system, in fact, the irrigation of the garden can be automated and controlled comfortably from anywhere, so that the plants are always well cared for.
For automatic irrigation control it is necessary to have the smart Water Control Gardena (Irrigation Computer to be connected directly to the tap) or the smart Irrigation Control Gardena (Multi-channel control unit for an underground irrigation system) and the smart Gateway Gardena (the heart of the smart system, which must be connected to the home router via WIFI or cable). The use of smart sensor (soil moisture sensor) is optional.
Irrigation programming follows the times predefined by users, but it can also depend on other determining factors for irrigating only when it is really necessary, with a consequent reduced and optimized water consumption.
Gardena, always sensitive to water consumption, has devised solutions to minimize waste. The smart Sensor Gardena is used to measure the level of soil moisture and therefore, if an irrigation cycle is foreseen and the smart Sensor indicates that the soil is already sufficiently moist, the program in progress jumps to move on to the next one.
Another possibility to manage water consumption is the dynamic regulation of irrigation times based on sunrise and sunset which vary over the seasons. If desired, this can take place automatically based on the position of the garden.
The new option implemented to optimize irrigation is the geo-localized "weather forecast" function. If rain is expected, for example, a planned watering schedule can be automatically suspended. This function can be combined with the smart Sensor, if available, to perform a double check, before suspending the irrigation program.
The user therefore now has three different options for optimal watering of his garden, which can be activated individually or in combination with each other. In this way, plants can receive all the water they need to grow and, at the same time, the consumer can reduce water consumption. All this will be very useful both to preserve the environment and to reduce costs.

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