A law for schools with green spaces


A bill just introduced in the Senate by Monica Cirinnà, Senator Pd, and the result of a proposal from the Lipu-Birdlife Italy, shows how fundamental rethink in key ecological sites, schools, where children live at least half of their days. Gardens and green courtyards, therefore, vegetable gardens, from which birdgarden not derogate, because new generations grow in a more healthy and happy, re-educated to a feel for the natural environment. It is essential work that, from childhood to adolescence, students can live in safety schools, without overcrowding, in environments that ensure decorum and aesthetic sense, in a proper architectural context," says Cirinnà.Behind the project is the accurate survey conducted a year ago by the Lipu, that throughout the country underwent teachers, school administrators and parents to a questionnaire. We learn so that more than 90% of the sample would appreciate meaningful for pupils forward to outdoor recreation, declaring himself convinced (78%) that this can promote concentration, creativity (90%) and mutual communication (81%). But 78% of teachers, 400 contacted between those schools that already have an outdoor area, does not consider safe conduct out of the students due to inadequate or crumbling courtyards in use. And yet, it is said that in 41.6% of cases only one day a week, if not less, is available for children to enjoy outdoor moments pause, 20.5% reported two or three days to week, while 42.2% of teachers say that overall the hours of healthy children are less than ten per month."In the US, many recent research shows how the lack of time regularly spent in nature, or simply outdoors, or otherwise in contact with the green, creating in child development Psychological and physiological disorders, such as attention deficit , obesity, vision problems, depression, "reads the introduction to the bill of Cirinnà. "The phenomenon, called" Nature Deficit Desorder "by Richard Louv in 2005 in the book Last Child in the woods, in the United States has been much discussed and has seen the birth of a great movement called" No Child Left inside ", who got that the Government of the United States, multi-level, would provide funds to enable training to teachers, parents and other operators of childhood and adolescence in a structured way to organize activities and meetings in nature, as well as legislation can ensure the boys , during school hours, time outdoors, in gardens and green spaces. in our country, recent studies reveal how schools with Italian gardens or green areas available are steadily declining, making room for patios cemented spend recreation ".Source Margherita D'amico from Repubblica.it"


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