Scissors and Fruit collector, the news for the next season


Among the most popular products by gardening enthusiasts there are the scissors and Gardena for the forthcoming autumn launches a complete range with 7 new tools designed for any usage requirement.Scissors, manufactured in Germany, there are 3 models Classic, 3 and 1 Comfort Premium, and are characterized by the high level of innovation and the exceptional grip design. Recognition to the design was also officially received a prize awarded to the entire range in 2016 the edition of the international competition of the Red Dot Design Award.The new Gardena scissors - explained by the company - are equipped with an ergonomic handle that allows the cutting operation without effort, thanks to the soft plastic components, it ensures a better grip. Activity of the full range is also the eyelet of which are fitted order to be able to hang comfortably end use. "The Garden Scissors Classic B / S, anvil Classic A / S and Classic B / SM, are perfect for small jobs (respectively up to a cutting diameter of 20, 18 and 22 mm) and, to protect the user , they are equipped with a lock function (open and closed). The model Classic B / S-M also allows the adjustment of the aperture of the handle on two levels to adapt the scissors in the hands and arms of different sizes.The models anvil Comfort A / M, Comfort B / M and Comfort B / S-XL are perfect for cutting branches a bit 'thicker (respectively up to a cutting diameter of 23, 24 and 24 mm) and is stand out because they are equipped with integrated spring to avoid the risk of losing it. Model B / S-XL also has the adjustment of the aperture of the handle from S to XL and this makes it extremely customizable compared to the size of each hand.The models Classic B / S-M and Comfort B / S-XL have also sharpening with precision blade and anti-stick coating to provide the user a clear and clean cut.The aluminum scissors B / L Premium are ideal for the most demanding operations (up to 25 mm in diameter).Among the articles of the new range, is the model of scissors that stands out for its extreme strength and resistance thanks to the material they are made of (aluminum) and forged blades of which are provided, which is extremely robust and replaceable.Gardena has also considered the needs of the store, making the new more attractive packaging, practical and safe.In addition to a smaller size, to ensure greater safety, Gardena in new packaging has provided the protector blades and anti-theft protection has been inserted at the spring. The eyelet also in paper has been reinforced with a plastic insert for the product can hang on the hooks, without the risk of tearing the packaging and to drop the product.To facilitate consumer choice in the article more than adequate for your needs, they have been printed on the packaging of clear and self explanatory pictograms that make the application of each clear and conspicuous gap. A great novelty of the new packaging is also the try-me function to allow the user to touch and test the product directly on the selling point.Finally, to continue to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Combisystem line, Gardena also launches the first Roller Fruit collection Combisystem. A product designed for all fans of the green trees that have fruit in their garden, and therefore wish to collect leaves and fruits from the floor without bending over. The roller is equipped with function "shovel" to collect individual fruits (eg. In the vicinity of the trees) and is able to collect leaves, fruit and objects of different sizes (from 4 to 9 cm).Once the operation of collection completed, the emptying of the contents is easy and immediate, without having to disengage the tool.To support the channel in the sale of new scissors, and also the new Roller Fruit collection Gardena has launched several attractive promotions on practical and attractive displays to entice consumers to buy new products."

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