Scissors for correct precision pruning


The cultivation of vegetable and aromatic plants, in addition to ornamental plants, also in the city, on the terrace and the balcony is increasingly widespread. To prune in a precise and clean way, Gardena has created an entire line of products for the micro cut, the precision cut.
The five new Gardena products have different functions, based on the cutting needs.
Multicut is a scissor suitable for any type of material and for pruning plants, thanks to its long blade and comfortable grip.
Herbcut lends itself very well to precision work, thanks to an even easier short blade that is easy to target more delicate points. It is therefore particularly suitable for vegetable and aromatic plants, also having the function to remove the leaves more easily.
In addition to the classic blade, Gripcut also mounts a gripper that allows you to easily remove the freshly cut branch.

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