Agricultural School of Monza: the courses of the past and training for today's gardeners



From its origins to today: how has the Agricultural School of the Monza Park changed? In this video we retrace its history through the voice of Mrs. Rosa, who graduated from the Agricultural School of the Monza Park in 1959, after following a female course in home economics.

Paola Martinelli, new president of the training institution, also explains how today the Agricultural School of Monza maintains a tradition of professionalism of the green, through the training of gardeners, garden maintainers, arboriculturists, florists, garden experts and wellness gardens, green space planners, forestry operators.

As in its tradition, the school continues to have a boarding school that hosts students who come from outside Monza, from all regions of Italy.

The Agricultural School of the Monza Park is in fact an institution accredited by the Lombardy Region for the certified training of profiles which then have a certification recognition that can be spent throughout the national territory.

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