The secrets of the care and pruning of roses


February is known, is the month of the care of the garden and is also the best month to prune the queen of flowers: roses. A Castle Quistini in Rovato, home of the 1600 set in a beautiful rose garden, Sunday, February 22 from 14.30 to 17.30 there will be a theoretical and practical course to learn more about the roses and learn the proper techniques to prune them with the opportunity to practice on the field. The aim of the course is to provide all relevant information so that the roses have the best growth and flowering in Spring, preventing disease and enhancing the bloom in summer. The meeting will also addressed topics of gardening in general. The course will be taught by Marco Mazza, owner of the historic home, designer of the magnificent palace gardens and owner of the farm specializes in the cultivation and production of old roses, botanical, English and wild.With over 1500 varieties of roses grown and treated with great passion, the gardens of Castle Quistini offer a unique spectacle that adds to the charm of the historic residence Franciacorta. Quistini Castle is a place where nature coexists with history and where the roses are the true undisputed queen. Everything in fact, in the palace gardens, is designed specifically for them, giving life to a unique and fascinating. Among the most famous varieties of roses that will be better known in the day will not miss the famous English rose breeder David Austin. Known and exported all over the world English roses have represented a revolution in the world of roses and many of these are perfectly adapted to our Mediterranean climate.The registration fee is 40.00 euro with a rose bush in tribute. To subscribe, complete the online form at the checkout page on the site

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