Seed of the lawn: how to choose the mixture


Spring is the ideal season for planting the lawn and at this stage it is important to choose the right seed with the right seed, to get a lush and healthy turf, taking into account several factors: garden exposure, Use, the type of cut, to name just a few. For this reason, GardenTV has asked companies to present one of their products, precisely indicating the features and ways of their use.


When choosing the seed, account must be taken of the shape of the soil and its exposure. Compo proposes two different types of suitable seeds for a difficult, drowned and droughted soil (Compo Semi Prato Rustico) and one for ornamental or residential lawns subject to shadow periods (Compo Semi Prato Ombraluce).

Pack sizes are intended for a variety of end users: "The 1 kg box - explains Compo - is for the private hobbyist, while the 12.5 kg size of these two products is more suitable for the professional gardener Or for the private with large green spaces".

Compo Semi Rustico

Semi Prato Rustico - continues the marketing office - "is a selection of seeds for low-maintenance lawns. The mixture is made of very resistant seeds and suitable for any kind of climate. Ideal for those who want to be tracked or sow to green areas with low rainfall, heavy soils and flower beds. While Semi Prato Ombraluce is a selection of high-grade ornamental seeds made of fine leafy species, able to grow smoothly even in shady soils. It allows for decorative grassy carpets with a slim and slim mantle. "

Compo Semi Grass Meadow can be used in the North and Apennines from March to July and September to October, while in the South, islands and coasts from February to June and from September to November. The average dose is 20 g / m2 for the size of 1 kg, while for the 12.5 kg size is 4 kg / 100 m2. It forms a strong, robust and low-priced lawn in any environmental and climatic conditions.

Compo Ombraluce

Compo Semi Lawn Ombraluce can be used in the North and Apennines from March to July and September to October, while in the South, islands and coasts from February to June and from September to November. The average dose is 20 g / m2 for the size of 1 kg, while the size of 12.5 kg is 3 kg / 100 m2. The seed has great ability to adapt to light shade as well as to solar exposure and can therefore be used on shaded soils.


"Seed Meadow - concludes Compo Marketing - requires little maintenance and is resistant to drought. Semi Prato Ombraluce requires low maintenance and an irrigation that depends on solar exposure and temperature (the higher the temperature and the sun exposure the more will be the irrigation). "


Rustic Seed Meadow is a mixture of low-maintenance lawns. It counteracts the development of weeds. It requires less irrigation and fertilization. It is resistant to calving and drought. Thanks to its very deep roots it is suitable for all difficult terrains.

Seed Meadow Ombraluce is a mixture of seeds capable of adapting to soils with alternation of sun and shade. It forms a very dense and compact lawn, not demanding in terms of management. It is possible to obtain decorative grassy carpets with a dense mantle, very fine leaf and intense green color.


The use of lawnmower or mulching machines (with which cutting residues are left directly on the ground) is increasingly widespread. Herbatech therefore proposes a product, Roboprato Robolawn, which, although suitable for all types of lawn, both ornamental and residential, is particularly well suited in situations where cutting is performed by robots or mulching machines.


Speaking to Andrea Rigo, retail sales manager Herbatech: "The ideal product user is both the private owner of a robotic grass robot or a machine that pures the cutting residue, as well as the professional gardener who manages a lawn where a plant is installed Robot grass race. RoboRared Robolawn is a mix of selected species and varieties (formula deposited), with remarkable robust resistance to the robot and quick scratching of the cutting wound, which help to reduce the grass bite and the sharpening effect of the bits ".

Sowing is indicated from March to late October (both in new seeds and in risemines) to 35-40 g / mq. RoboRato Robolawn is a rustic mixture that lends itself to the sunniest areas and has an average shadow tolerance. For climatic conditions it is recommended for the lawns in central-northern Italy (the "brother" for the center-south is Vigorous Robolawn). The product is sold in 15 kg plastic bags.


"The irrigation system is always recommended, as in all types of lawn, maintenance can go from low to high, until it reaches daily cut with robots at 3-3.5 cm heights," explains Andrea Rigo.


Robopwn Robolawn's special varietal composition gives it a great resistance to treading and passing the cutting tools. Robo Robot does not crush under the weight of the Robot and the leaves heal quickly, without showing obvious signs of burning (no dripping effect of the tips). This also makes it less susceptible to illness. Producing little felt, this makes Robopared Robolawn the ideal blend for lawns frequently cut with the robot or mulching technique.


Ital-Agro offers three different products according to use. Explains Lanfranco Barbieri, Marketing Coordinator Italy: "Mediterranean is destined for recreational and ornamental areas with intense trekking, Country for play and leisure for intense trekking areas, Ornamental Organs for Moderate Walking Areas".

Evergreen, CountryThe products can be used by both private and gardeners. "These are mixtures of American varieties reproduced in Europe to meet the needs of the climate and the Italian environment - continues Barbieri - Production is followed by very strict standards that refer to US standards. This guarantees: excellent adaptability to the environment, high germination rate and the almost total absence of weeds ".

Evergreen, Mediterraneo

All the mixtures are suitable for spring sowing / seedlings. The best time to build the first lawn plant is September - October. For a sowing of Mediterranean plant first requires 25 g / mq (sold in 1 kg packs for 40 square meters), Country 35 g / mq (packs of 1 kg for 28 square meters and 5 kg for 140 square meters), lawn 20 g / Sqm (pack of 1 kg per 50 sqm).

The three seeds, all suitable for the continental and Mediterranean climate (preferably for medium-sized soil with good drainage capacity), are indicated for different solar exposures: Mediterranean for sunny areas, Sunny full sun-shading countryside, Full lawn Sun shaded.

Evergreen, prato inglese


Mediterranean requires a cutting height of 25-40mm, moderate irrigation and balanced fertilization. By country, a 40-70mm cutting height is recommended, frequent irrigation and good fertilization. For Lawn Finally, a cutting height 25-50mm, frequent irrigation and good fertilization-


Lanfranco Barbieri concludes: "They are selected varieties for the continental and Mediterranean climate and have high germination and low maintenance requirements."



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