Self Gardino spa


Large-scale retail trade

Self Gardino spa

Self is a great chain, all Italian, distribution specializing in "do it yourself." Our story begins in 1984 and has its roots even further in time, to a historic company of wood founded in 1890, to a group of men and a new idea. Since then the world has changed, the markets, the products have evolved ... we have always tried to "anticipate" the times, proposing you innovative products and solutions, while maintaining the strict ethical background that comes from our ancient roots. Our "shops" have large to offer a great choice not only between different genres, but also between same-type items. You will find about 50,000 different proposals, always available, plus 5,000 "opportunities" linked to the particular time of the year.

You can find us

Company headquarter
Self Gardino spa
Strada 11, Interporto Sito Nord, Rivalta di Torino (TO)

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