Self-propelled chipper on track


Zakandra is a self-propelled chipper on track produced by Agrinova. It is a compact and very powerful hydraulically driven chipper. A single motor controls both the movement of the tracks and the shredding, given by a drum roller.

The presence of a single motor allows for less maintenance and fewer breakdowns. Furthermore, the machine has a low center of gravity, which allows for greater stability during travel, reducing the risk of overturning.

The machine is 109 cm wide and thanks to its size and easy handling it can enter any type of garden or workplace without difficulty. The motorized tracks also allow you to tackle climbs and rough stretches.

Zakandra is suitable for any type of wood, from the toughest ones to leafy or fibrous materials. The very wide inlet simplifies the entry of the materials to be shredded.

Even the discharge tube is wide, it can be rotated 360° so as to be able to direct the wood chips towards the most suitable collection point. Furthermore, it is possible to add a sieve so as to make the chips - already of excellent quality - even more homogeneous.

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