From a plow a success story


In the beginning it was a plow, was 1915. In the interview at the Resto del Carlino Simone Arminio Lorenzo Wild retraced the steps of the family company, up to the present and future of success on the foreign market.The company of San Lazzaro, specializing in agricultural machinery, has a long history started when Vincenzo Selvatici started producing plows; then the post-war period as agricultural equipment dealership, until 1969 when the father of the current President Lorenzo Wild began to draw his diggers.When I joined the company our revenue was divided as follows: 70% on the Italian market, 30% in the foreign market. Today it is almost the opposite. Our best customer in 2015 was a Turkish. And we arrived in Turkey for the first time ... in 2015 ". He explained Lorenzo Wild interview a few days ago.Among the points of strength of the success, quality and attendance at fairs, beginning with EIMA. In addition, as you explained Lorenzo Wild, the choice of "covering a niche", that of products for horticulture, viticulture, rice paddies, the maintenance of sports fields, biological productions. Today the company has about 500 pieces a year, divided into several ranges and products are also customizable."


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