'Symbol and garden', from the historic garden to Bulrble Marx


Saturday, May 5 at Castello Quistini (8.45 am), on the occasion of the Garden Festival is scheduled a seminar entitled "Symbol and Garden", explorations and experiences from the historic garden at Burble Marx. The seminar is organized by the Order of Agronomist Doctors and Forest Doctors and by the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories of the Province of Brescia.
At the center, the theme of the garden starting from the assumption that historically it is an architecture connoted by a symbolic use of the forms, besides being often a symbol itself.
The sequence of interventions - which alternates between a case-study phase and a first part devoted to theoretical deepening - will be based on a diachronic excursus, ranging from the historical and contemporary gardens, in order to deepen one of the lesser-known aspects of 'art of gardens, and until recently little investigated.
The specific literature on the binomial garden-symbol in fact includes a limited number of insights, mainly related to the esoteric garden and the cultural matrices of the oriental garden.
The meeting aims to give a different interpretation of the garden that goes beyond the merely architectural, aesthetic or botanical aspects, to explore the symbolic, metaphysical component, which it guards, which is the basis of its own design; with this in mind we want to underline the importance of a theme such as the conservation of the garden, in order to be able to pass on the symbols and philosophy that have justified and marked the creation over time.
With this seminar the appointment is renewed that for four years now sees the professional orders of Dottore Agronomi e Forestali and of Architects, Planners, Landscapers and Conservatories of the province of Brescia, to organize an annual event of cultural and technical analysis from the strong interdisciplinary value.
The seminar is addressed not only to garden specialists but to all those professionals who wish to understand their true meaning and understand why such a profession, like the architecture of the garden, has been able to enter, fully, over the centuries, to be part of the great world of the arts.
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