Seminars, workshops and information points: the novelty of EIMA Desk


In recent editions of EIMA International - the largest exhibition of agricultural machinery, held in Bologna from 9th to 13th November - have assumed increasing importance of the outreach activities, and "one-stop", ie those services that offer the public updates incentives, financial instruments, on the procedures for the purchase and management of mechanical equipment. 2016 edition of the Bologna show this activity will be considerably strengthened by the establishment of "EIMA Desk - Training & Safety", a dedicated pavilion (33b) which is a collaboration between FederUnacoma (the Italian Federation of Manufacturers) and Unacma (l 'national Union of agricultural machinery dealers). Within EIMA Desk are placed, among other initiatives, the information office dedicated to public incentives, managed by INAIL - the Institute is officially present with its own stand - for the purchase of new generation mechanical means and then with high safety requirements. Agricultural operators who wish to avail of the incentives can be found at the information point is an outline of the forms and all the information for the management of practices. Very timely, in this 2016 edition of EIMA International, the issue of the revision of agricultural machinery, which is monitored inside the Desk through the implementation of a mechanical workshop (Workshop Editing - Live) in which the public can follow the explanations , provided by specialized staff, the audit procedures and on the key elements around which concern technical checks. The illustration of the basic criteria for the audit procedures is facilitated by the placement in the workshop of two tractors of the same model (in this case the Fiat "The Small" of the seventies) arranged next to one another, the first of which devoid of requirements for review, and the second one properly reset for the overcoming of the planned audits. The same area Desk is used for training sessions relating to Mech @ griJOBS project, promoted by Unacma, which will take several crowded sessions child, and that has the aim of disseminating to the high school students the knowledge of agricultural engineering, and illustrate the professional profiles and job opportunities now offered by agro-mechanical industry. With the entry into force of the new rules for the guidance of agricultural machinery the theme of the so-called "Driving Licence" mandatory has become topical. The contribution of EIMA in this sense is to organize, right inside the exhibition, courses to obtain the license for tractor drivers with previous experience. Desks are provided in all indications for the achievement of the license tractors for newbies, as required by law. Also in the pavilion Desk, where there are various departments of agro-mechanical sector, there is a rich program of conferences and seminars: The Press Conference of Climmar, the association at European level is the agricultural equipment dealers, held in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 9; the update conference on Project Unacma Roc, set for Saturday afternoon 12; the conference Aef / FederUnacoma / Unacma titled "Know to use, the importance of ISOBUS in the current agricultural mechanization" dedicated to the new electronics and borders applied; The conference promoted by Esseci on the theme "Investing in security: the Inail" notices, scheduled for the morning of that Saturday 12 and later the same morning from the meeting A.N.C.O.R.S. on "Safety in agriculture: from the risk assessment for compulsory education", and the meeting on the theme of good school entitled "Challenges and opportunities of alternation between school and work." Institutional cutting conference on subcontracting promoted by CAI, Unima and Confai, which takes place in the afternoon of Saturday 12, and the National Assembly Unacma, scheduled for Friday afternoon 11. Also significant meetings on the issues of bioenergy, promoted ITABIA by the Italian biomass Association, and the conference specifically dedicated to biomass promoted in the afternoon of Wednesday 9 by the University of Tuscia.


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