Gardening technology: sensors for treating plants


For the gardener 2.0 and for those who refuse to be helped by technology also in the care of the green, there is a system that allows monitoring of the conditions of its plants constant and at a distance, through the use of a smartphone app. It's called PlantLink.It should place the sensor in the soil of a plant intended to treat at a distance and through the app supplied, connect the control unit. The sensors can be more than one and appointed individually, for example with the species of the plant corresponding: the database includes in fact more than 50 thousand types of plants. PlantLink then it suggests how, how much and when to water.The app is also able to communicate in real time the degree of thirst" of plants and draw up an automatic calendar with days and hours when watering. Even when you are out, you can also receive notifications via SMS or email.Currently the system is sold online and costs about $ 80, while the sensors are sold at 35 each.Source Wired.it

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