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The history of Sermac began in 1969 when the founder started a small workshop for the repair of chainsaws and forest equipment, which soon turned into a shop equipped to provide the many woodcutters in the area with everything they needed to work in the woods.
At the beginning of the 1970s the boom in the sector allowed the founder of Sermac to grow quickly, so much so that he became the first regional distributor of a famous German brand of chainsaws.
In fact, in 1989 Sermac began to operate in the field of distribution of products for gardening and the forest sector throughout Italy, later turning also to the foreign market, starting collaborations with the major world producers.
From Japan to the United States, from Switzerland to Germany, from South-East-Asia to Europe, the reference markets are expanding and Sermac becomes a true global operator with purchases of products located in all areas of the world and concentrated sales in Italy and in Europe.

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Sermac srl
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