Design a shared garden: workshops in Matera


How to make the city more beautiful and recover degraded areas, turning them into livable corners? The Linaria associations and Matera Mom have launched the idea of a shared garden: a green space to choose, design and implement together.The free seminar of landscape architecture on the shared garden of Matera is scheduled September 26 to 30: the two associations organize it with the participation of the University of Basilicata. At the center of the work, the self-construction of the garden; The workshop is addressed to a multidisciplinary and international public, and anyone who wishes to study issues of co-creation of public space (students, artisans, architects, artists, landscape architects, agronomists, botanists, photographers, graphic artists, video-makers, anthropologists, sociologists , set designers, urban planners, designers, etc.).But what will be the share of Matera garden? Organizers explain: It will include a vegetable garden, an orchard and a playground. It will be a complex space, diverse, colorful, of which they may benefit children after school to play, but to use even for many different activities, such as "courses and workshops. Citizens have participated personally identifying the area where you create the garden, and among children about their experiences of vegetable and flower gardens have been harvested, the promoters have finally visited the local nurseries to find plants suited to help biodiversity."


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