Great show at the Italian Championship Stihl Timbersports


Great show in the courtyard of the carriages of Venaria Reale (TO) for the fifth Italian Championship Stihl Timbersports. Ten athletes have fought like lions in six challenging disciplines, made even harder by the hot day today (Sunday, June 28, 2015). To win the title was again Paul Vicenzi Pejo (TN), which remains the best Italian woodcutter for the fourth time (2011, 2013, 2014, 2015), after placing an exceptional in previous World Championships (eighth athlete in the world in 2014 in Innsbruck, Austria).The race was held in front of a large audience and passionate that filled the courtyard of the carriages of Venaria Reale. Paul Vicenzi proved unbeatable from the first test, the Springboard", where athletes have to go up to two meters high by two tables tucked in a trunk and then split, with an ax, the top part. The supremacy of Trent continued the "Stock saw", a Stihl chainsaw commercially available with which athletes have to cut a log as soon as possible, and in the "Standing block chop", the vertical cut of a trunk with an ax . Andrea Rossi, the Italian Piedmont Champion 2012, did breathing down the neck Vicenzi in the Single Buck (a horizontal trunk cut with a crosscut saw along two meters), where the difference between the two was less than a second. The same detachment, but always in favor of Trent, was repeated nell'Underhand, the cut trunk in the balance, with an ax between his legs. Only in the Hot Saw, chainsaw developed with over 60 horsepower, Rossi has imposed on Vicenzi, even for a split second, placing it failed to change the overall standings. To signal a great race for the third classified, Ivan Lorenzetti, who is back in the race is rewriting after a year's absence from the stage of the Italian Championship Timpersports. Special guest of the day, placed second in the ranking daily, although out of the race, it was the French Pierre Puybare, a sample exceptional still remained behind a position with respect to the Italian champion.Again the six disciplines Timbersports gave spectacle and excitement: a sport more and more popular in our country, although it arrived here from just five years. For the national team, composed of four best Italian athletes, the next event will be in winter in Poland for the team event of the World Championship 2015. Vicenzi instead represent the tricolor once again among the best individual athletes worldwide."


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