Siropa spa



Siropa spa

The company looks back on a remarkable history that is tied to the commercial development of Rome and the great business opportunities of the post-war period. Today's reality, wider than that of the early days, a company makes a syrup from the highly competitive, well organized logistically and efficient with a large commercial sector, prepared and present in the relevant areas. Entering the Group Ferritalia the commercial capacity of a syrup found its highest level: an assortment of 20,000 articles, with 5 line brands; a national distribution network; a solid and well-organized group buying. The role of a syrup in the market is that of retail trade at Hardware stores; tooling; Building; Garden Center; household; Electricity; hydraulic; ensuring a wide and comprehensive range of products with delivery availability: 24 hours of ordering; Immediately at the warehouse.
Since 1980

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Company headquarter
Siropa spa
Via Ardeatina km 20.400, Pomezia (RM)

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