New small and powerful Gardena robotic lawnmower


Sileno Minimo, a novelty for 2021 from Gardena, is one of the smallest robotic lawnmowers in the range (52 x 34 x 22 cm), but with nothing to envy to the others in terms of performance.
The Sileno minima is a Bluetooth product, which can be connected to a smartphone at close range and conveniently used via the Gardena Bluetooth app for iOS and Android.
Available in two models, for surfaces of 250 or 500 square meters, Sileno minima is powered by an 18V / 2.1 Ah Li-Ion battery, which guarantees a working autonomy of 65 minutes per charge.
Extremely performing, the new Gardena robotic lawnmower mounts a cutting disc with 3 blades that allows the cutting width of 22 cm, the cutting height from 20 to 50 mm and is able to do its job even with slopes up to 25%. .
Fully automatic, precise and reliable, the Gardena Sileno minimum takes care of the lawn, leaving consumers free to engage in other activities. Agile and performing even on rainy days, it weighs 6.5 kg and works tirelessly with the sole aim of obtaining a perfectly manicured lawn.
The robot charging station can be positioned flexibly in the garden, making installation particularly simple. In addition, it can be kept outside, even in winter.
Very safe instrument, it is equipped with an anti-collision, anti-freeze, lifting and overturning sensor.
Silenus minimum is not only small, but also extremely quiet, so that the garden always remains a zone of tranquility for its owner and also for the neighbors.


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