Plants talk and post on social media


In the age in which everyone is connected, even for plants it is time to communicate, at least in a language similar to ours and understandable by most. They can do this thanks to numerous ideas and inventions that take advantage of technological and digital innovations. In this way, green also becomes "smart". Here are four examples, collected on the web.
One can only begin with an all-Italian idea, developed by the Sardinian start-up Lifely. Agrumino is a sensor that monitors the condition of the plants, helps them understand their needs and thus take care of them in the best way. But the Lifely innovation does not stop there: the start-up has in fact designed a social network of plants that can post their progress here. This way you can grow with the help of a community of friends and experts. [Photo from Lifely's Facebook page]
"Lua transforms the plant into a pet," reads the presentation of the project, which is currently raising funds on the Indiegogo platform. It is a vessel that is able, thanks to a series of sensors that detect parameters such as soil composition, sun exposure, temperature, to show how the plant is through a range of emoticons. Thanks to Lua the plant lets you know if it is hot, cold, thirsty, if it is happy or feels neglected. Not only: the Lua sensors are sensitive to movement: the emoticon can thus follow your movements with your eyes. (If nothing happens, the vase falls asleep). [Photo from Indiegogo]
The Vincross robot, on the other hand, is very skilled in movement and moves thanks to six small limbs. The applications of the developed artificial intelligence of which it is endowed are numerous and concern many areas of life. In the case of green enthusiasts, the robot is able to transfer a plant to the sun to guarantee the best possible exposure and then retire to the shade when necessary.
Often for those who deal with domestic green the biggest problem is water: how much to give to plants? And when? (Not to mention the risk of finding them dry and in poor condition when you're away from home for a few days). Plantmaid was created precisely for this: it uses a sensor in the soil and a water pump to automatically irrigate the plants. [Photo from Plantmaid website]

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