The social campaign for the Tree Festival


On the occasion of the 21st November, Conlegno and Legambiente launch a campaign to focus on the importance of greenery.
The idea is simple: everyone can contribute by sharing a photo, a drawing, or a thought with the hashtag # unalberoe on social. For every 50 post published, a tree will be donated to the areas that need it most.
"A social campaign - the organizers explain - made to celebrate the importance of trees in all their forms, especially in a delicate moment like the one that has recently lived in the Italian forests, destroyed by numerous fires."
The initiative "To make a tree requires a hashtag" promoted by Congelno (Cork Wood Service Consortium) and Legambiente invites users to publish photos, videos, written contributions and drawings on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag # unalberoe for to focus attention on the importance that green plays in everyday life. An initiative that has an important social and ecological goal: every 50 post published on November 21, using the hashtag # unalberoe, Conlegno is committed to donating a tree to create green spaces in the areas that most need interventions.
The desire to share the daily commitment of Conlegno for the protection of forest and biodiversity heritage is the basis of the partnership with Legambiente confirming a serious assumption of responsibility and a strong commitment to the monitoring, control and implementation of regulations to improve the policies of management and protection of the environment.
The 2017 will be remembered as a horrible year for the devastation caused by the fire that devoured much of the Italian natural heritage. In 2017, according to Legambiente data (updated on 30 October), only in Italy, 140,430 hectares of wooded areas, only in Italy, amounted to 293.0% of the total area burned throughout 2016 (47,926 hectares).


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