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The unalbero social campaign offers 40 plants

The social campaign offers 40 plants


Paraphrasing the famous refrain, Conlegno and Legambiente have given life to the social campaign "To make a tree it takes a hashtag". And of trees, hashtags have "made" 40, so much has been the follow-up of the initiative designed for the Tree Festival on November 21st.
"Thanks to the active participation of users, who in 24 hours allowed the # unalberoè to enter the trends of the day, using it for a good 1,963 times, the threshold of 40 new trees waiting to be planted in areas has been reached in need of interventions, identified by Legambiente ", explain the organizers making the budget of the proposal.
The initiative, with a strong social and ecological value, foresaw every 50 posts published on the day of 21 November on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag # unalberoè, Conlegno's commitment to donate a tree to give life to green spaces , in a delicate moment like the one recently experienced by Italian woods, destroyed by numerous fires.
"The desire to promote a social campaign with a strong environmental footprint is the concrete commitment of Conlegno in safeguarding the forest heritage and biodiversity, focusing on the importance of trees in everyday life - explains Fausto Iaccheri, President of the Consortium - The involvement of the citizens was fundamental, called to take an active part in the project, sensitizing public opinion towards a topic that touches everyone closely ".
An important result shared also by Legambiente, always in the forefront for the defense of the ecosystem. "In a country with a unique forest heritage like ours - states Rossella Muroni, National President of Legambiente - it is important to tell, through initiatives like the Festival of the Tree, all the potentials of this important ally in the fight against climate change and in defense of the soil, and a precious resource to re-launch, through a sustainable forest management, the socio-economic development of the local populations. This commitment is even more significant if we think of the threats that persist on the territory, from the consumption of land to forest fires that in 2017 alone sent 140.430 hectares of forested land into smoke. Protecting trees also means defending the territory and the species that inhabit it ".


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