Società agricola Lavermicocca


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Società agricola Lavermicocca

The nursery Lavermicocca, founded in the early 80s by Michele Lavermicocca, has evolved over time maturing three decades of experience in the field of gardening to become a strong reality and rooted in the territory.

Today the nursery, diversifying its activities, has a Garden Center equipped to meet all needs of customers: large assortment of ornamental outdoor plants, exhibition greenhouses for indoor plants, pots of all shapes and style solutions for all types of furniture, soils, fertilizers and insecticides for every need.

The staff is able to respond to every need: design, implement and take over the maintenance of green areas, build irrigation systems, intervene with environmental reclamation and pruning of tall trees as well as prepare and organize exhibitions, conferences, meetings and events of all kinds.
All services are made possible thanks to a structured organization and vehicles and appropriate equipment.

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Company headquarter
Società agricola Lavermicocca
Via Bitritto 115/A, Bari (BA)

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