Soil fertility for plant health and defense


Plant health also depends on soil fertility. This will be discussed in the technical day of study "The fertility of the soil for plant health and defense", scheduled in Verona on 7 September, organized by Bio Ethical Gardeners in collaboration with Biozeta.
"The increasingly in-depth study of soil microorganisms - explain the organizers - and the ability to multiply fungal and bacterial strains by creating stable and effective products is opening up new frontiers in sustainable gardening and agriculture. Having for decades depleted soils with mineral fertilizers and fungicides it is now possible to reconstruct biological fertility from the soil supported by microorganisms and from nourishment with organic fertilizers ".
During the day Biozeta will present its laboratory for the study of innovative products to restore soil micro-organisms, for example against harmful fungi but also against insects thanks to the selection of their micro-parasites.
We will talk about biological fertility and soil microbiology, the application in the field of the principles of biological fertility, with results and practical evidence in golf, in professional green areas and in agriculture; of maintaining fertility and microorganisms through organic fertilization. An explanatory practical session will follow with examples of soils and substrates.
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