Soluzione alberi



Soluzione alberi

We are Ezio and Alessandro, professional arborists, who has been involved in the management of trees in urban areas, parks and gardens. Specialized in pruning trees, consolidations, stability evaluations and felling through the technique of tree climbing. We pay great attention to every action implemented: our daily goal is to make the trees of our customers healthier, beautiful and safe. We achieve these objectives with passion, professionalism, competence and fairness. A satisfied customer is the best investment: whether it is a small tree is a large park. As well as specialists of the trees, we are also instructors arboriculture, tree climbing, chain saw and safety at work: we teach the craft dell'arboricoltore, we study and we are constantly updating.

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Soluzione alberi
Via San Biagio 14, Casatenovo (LC)

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