Sos garden, the expert answers by mail


A direct advisory service and free for those looking for ideas and solutions gardens and vegetable gardens, terraces and balconies, but also to give a hand to those who have difficulties or questions about how to cure his plants: to meet these requirements Flover launches a new service, the Green Mail". writing to you can have a precise answer and free by a specialized consultant, with advice and directions for care of your green space."For those who have a little 'more time - explanatory Flover - in each of our stores are already available to experts: specialists able to think green space with plants and flowers more suitable depending on the available surface of 'exposure. Real advice tailored in-store, listening to the needs of those who must buy his plants, to furnish in the best way its spaces once arrived home. I also advice on site, with site survey and precise feasibility plans, trying to meet the tastes of those who must furnish their green corner with plant needs. ""


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