Specialization course in garden technicians


Also for the 2017-2018 training year, the Minoprio Foundation re-launches the path leading to the postgraduate and postgraduate specialization in green space design technician who has had excellent training and employment successes in the previous years, boosting it in hours and content.
The course is divided into three modules (one basic, common to the gardener's specialization course, a preparatory preparation for garden design, and finally a specialization in technical design of green spaces) for a total of 500 hours of classroom training and exercises 300 hours of internship in two different moments. The disciplines concerned are: Design, Autocad, Photoshop; Shipbuilding, Plant Use, Arboriculture, Plant Protection, Gardening, Green Areas Maintenance, Security.
The common module for the gardener's specialization course includes, from October to December, 150 hours of basic training in the classroom and a 40-hour internship for two weeks. Various subjects will be addressed: Agronomy and Botany, Gardening and Maintenance, Grass Carpets, Irrigation Systems; Basic Training and Specification on Health and Safety and Phytosanitary Use. Totally financed by Lombardia Plus for unemployed and unemployed people up to 35 years. Competence "Maintain Green Space Maintenance" 3rd European Level EQF.
At the end of the first modules, a verification and certification of acquired knowledge and skills is planned; At the end of the course, at the end of the specialization module, a final certificate will be issued on the certificate of competence of the 5th European Level EQF Level "Green Space Designer" Lombardy Region. For information, please visit www.fondazioneminoprio.it.

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