Spending 2.0 in the vending machine vegetables


No snacks and chips, in the vending machine there are salad, mushrooms, carrots, eggs. The innovative idea to make it easy to switch from kilometer zero to consumers came to Joseph Petit in Paris that opened Au Bout du Champ (translated: The Edge of the field). The organic products are kept - in anticipation of direct withdrawal from the customer - in small refrigerated box.You choose the products, you shop through the internet and then once made the payment to the vending machine, the door will open. A system, that of Petit, to bring in cities vegetables of local producers (all within 100 kilometers from Paris) and make it easy to purchase. Of course, the products vary according to the season, while the strategy of the vending machine allows to contain costs (by reducing those of the staff) and keep open the 'shop' seven days a week, from 8 to 22.

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